Entrepreneur 101

We partner with Ascend Wellness for our Entrepreneur 101 course to further enhance the program by providing our students with direct access to the supply chain management of the cannabis industry. Learning the details of how a cannabusiness functions from Seed to Sale is critical to the overall success of cannabis operator. 

Entrepreneur 101 Program

Our Entrepreneur 101 Program is an 8-week course that covers a wide-range of business leadership skills that’ll translate into running a cannabis organization. Items such as business planning, financial analysis, contract negotiations, inventory management, SOP’s, supply chain management & much more. We’re building an ecosystem of future leaders! 


Our program is taught by subject matter experts who are well versed in business & cannabis. The subjects covered in this particular course are universal to all cannabis entrepreneurs. Meaning that whether you’re looking to start a cultivation facility, retail dispensary or any other plant or non-plant touching cannabusiness, we’ll help you get started with this program!

Ascend Wellness

We partner with Ascend Wellness to provide a mentorship program, in person workshops and direct access to their facilities & senior level staff members to help our budding entrepreneurs (no pun intended) kick start their cannabis business! This information and guidance is pivotal as the students in the program look to create their own cannabis operation.