Budtending & Horticulture 101

We partner with Ayr Wellness for our Budtending & Horticulture course to further enhance the program by providing our students with workshops & in-store training to properly prepare them for the cannabis workforce. 


Our Budtending 101 course is an 8-week course that prepares students for a career working in a retail dispensary. Our Horticulture 101 course is an 8-week course that covers a wide-range of cultivation processes and prepares students for a career working in cultivation facility.

Both of these courses are taught by certified subject matter experts & designed for minorities looking to acquire the requisite skillset & general knowledge for entry level positions in a dispensary or cultivation facility.

On the Job Training

These courses are taught together to give the students an understanding of the plant from seed to sale. An understanding of both front end and back end operations, preparing them for a career in cannabis. Our partnership with Ayr Wellness enables our students to see & learn in real time at a live dispensary. 

From Seed To Sale

Our students are put through a vigorous 8 week learning program. They are pre-tested, post-tested, quizzed weekly…we even do our version of Cannabis Family Feud! Any MCA Graduate is battle tested and certified to work in the cannabis industry!

We partner with EzHire Cannabis to streamline the employment process between our students and their potential employer. EzHire also works with our Sponsors to easily place the students in desirable career paths.